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Ariel, The Bird that Started it All

ArielThe Bird that Started it All

Ariel is a Tournier/Janssen cross, and she was the 1st National Ace of the One Day Long Distance Races of Holland in 1996. We have only flown one direct child of Ariel’s, and that hen was a 5th Texas Center Hall of Fame Young Bird in 2001. Similarly, in excess of 40 of Ariel’s grandchildren or great grandchildren have been at least equal 1st for Double T Lofts. This family has proven to be special because of their intelligence combined with their speed and toughness.

One of the first birds that we purchased in 1998 was Adam. Adam is a son of Ariel and Super Crack 65, and he is the father of at least 23 winners, and he is the grandsire of many other winners. Included in the winners off of Adam is a hen that has won 1st and 2nd Texas Center Hall of Fame in consecutive Old Bird seasons, and a son that is an Elite AU Registered Champion.  Adam proved to be such a super pigeon that we bought his mother, Ariel from Mike Ganus in 2000.

Tom Beard, Breeder of Quality Pigeons

Tom BeardBreeder of Quality Pigeons

The real pigeon fancier knows when he got his first bird – for me, it was 1962. That year I flew my first young bird racing season. I did well and actually won the last race from 300 miles in a club with 20-25 flyers. That trophy is still displayed in my office. From then on, I was hooked.

In 1999 my son Tim graduated from Texas Tech University and we set out to enjoy pigeon racing on a whole new level: by entering the pigeon business. Being in business would allow us to purchase higher dollar birds with hope of a payout. It also afforded us the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the best flyers in the world. Our first major purchase was the entire colony of Leen Boers from Rick Mardis. Shortly after that we purchased Ariel from Mike Ganus and she became the foundation of our birds. We added 2 birds from Jos van Olmen and blended the Ariel birds with the van Olmen Tournier and developed our Ariel-Tournier birds. They remain the backbone of our loft and our success.

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