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Managing the Breeders


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It is our goal to have all our birds in such excellent health that no unplanned medication is required at any time during the year. So, the following is how we have chosen to pursue and maintain health. This is not intended to be all inclusive and it may or may not work for you. It works for us as we are successful at maintaining excellent health.

Obviously, from time to time a bird gets sick and must be treated. When we find a sick bird, it is immediately isolated and placed in sick bay. The bird is treated for whatever sickness is diagnosed. Depending on the diagnosis, the bird may or may not be returned to the loft. It is not returned to the loft until it recovers completely.

NOTE: Every time a new bird is added to our loft, that bird is placed in isolation (sick bay) for a minimum of 10 days. This is done 100% of the time. Even a bird that is ours that has been at another loft, and is returned to our loft, goes through the same treatment. At a minimum we treat them with terramycin plus vitamins for 10 days. Additionally, we give them a 100 mg Meditrich (metronidazole) cancer tablet and a Mediworm tablet. Typically, canker and worm medications are not given at the same time. The canker pill is usually given when they arrive. The worm tablet is given about a week later when they have an empty crop.

We have a very simple system

We do not medicate during the breeding season. Typically, except for “The Cure,” no medication is used or required throughout the year. A routine is followed that helps ensure the birds remain healthy. Following are the various supplements and products that are provided:

  • Vitamins
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Grit
  • Minerals
  • Clean Water
  • Clean Feed
  • Clean Nest Bowls


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