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“Adam” is dead….he was a great one! We still have a few children for sale.

“Adam” AU-98-GFL-571 is truly a foundation cock. He is the son of “Ariel” and “Super Crack 65”. As a breeder, he is an outstanding producer of both race winners and excellent breeders. Children off Adam are special! He has bred 23 different winners just DTL. We have not counted the grandchildren and great grandchildren that have a 1st or equal 1st. We polygamous breed him with as many hens as possible each year. His children fly 100 – 500 miles in a head wind or tail wind. He has prduced an Elite AU Champion, 1st Texas Center Hallof Fame, 2nd Texas Center HOF, etc.

Pedigree Info (PDF)

Children: $1300 - $1500