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Elite BonesAU-03-DTL-3915

“Elite Bones” AU-03-DTL-3915 is an excellent breeder and was also an outstanding races. He is Elite AU Registered Champion #0104. He acquired his name (“Bones”) because when he raced he was always very thin. He doesn’t like corn, so he just didn’t carry any weight. It didn’t matter; he was special. As a YB he was 8th at 100; 1st and 12th at 180; 6th at 300. As an OB he was 3rd and 5th at 180; 2nd at 300; 1st and 4th (=1st) at 500. He was 1st Combine Champion bird in 2004 OB’s and 6th Combine Champion as a YB in 2003. In 2006 he was 1st in our Permian Basin Texas Center Sactioned show in the OB diploma class.  He is loaded with intelligence and determination. He is one of my favorite birds!!!


Pedigree Info (PDF)

Children: $800 - $1000