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The “Witneus” is one of those birds that you immediately love. She is Tournier, bred by Jos Van Olmen. She was the original mate of “Jos” the 1st Ace Extreme Long Distance Champion of the Antwerp Union in 1999. She handles like a ‘million bucks’ and has been outstanding. She has been a breeder of both winners and birds that breed winners. Her full brother was 1st Provincial, 2nd National v. 8,041 birds from Perpignan. He lost by 4 minutes and was actually found in the trap in the morning, having apparently been there all night. It’s a pigeon story, but Jos Van Omen was sick to realize he had a 1st National winner and because he had not checked the traps when he came home from playing cards with other fanciers, he was 2nd.

Pedigree Info (PDF)

Children: $500 - $750