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“Solomon” AU-01-DTL-1773 is an outstanding breeding son of “Jos” and the “Witneus”. “Jos” was the 1st Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance, Antwerpt Union, in 1999. The “Witneus” is the full brother to 2nd National Perpignan. This is a long distance performance pair and they bred winners. “Solomon” was the sire of equal 1st at 300 miles in the 2004 America’s King Cup Race. In 2006 he was the sire of our 1st Club Champion bird that was also 3rd Texas Center Hall of Fame in the 11-15 loft category and is an AU Registered Champion. Her nest brother has also been equal 1st 3 x’s.  In 2007 “Solomon’s” son was the 4th Ace Pigeon in the Winner’s Cup and was 10th in the 400 mile race. In 2008 the son of the 4th Ace Winner’s Cup was the 4th Ace Pigeon by points and the 2nd Ace Pigeon by speed. We polygomus breed “Solomon”. He is an outstanding breeder and clearly one of our “Super Stars”!!

Pedigree Info (PDF)

Children: $800 - $1000