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White GoldNL-01-1913470

“White Gold” is both an excellent flyer and breeder. Her youngsters both win races and bred winners. She flew 1st v. 4,497; 4th v. 7,366; 14th v. 3,624; 18th v. 8,569; plus many more prizes. Both her parents were also excellent flyers. Her father “Arca Tornado” was 1st v. 12,363; 7th v. 25,363, etc. Her mother was 1st v. 3,674; 3rd v. 1,243; etc. “White Gold” is a real star. She has bred DTL multiple winners and excellent breeders. “White Gold” and “White Eagle” are full sisters.

Pedigree Info (PDF)

Children: $500 - $1000